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Facilitated SCS With Review

SCS IV - Facilitated SCS with RX Strategies

SCS IV is newly updated to include advancements in the facilitory approach.  This course will show advanced SCS clinicians how to get faster results with the positional release concepts developed by Lawrence Jones DO, FAAO.  Facilitory techniques will be shown to reduce the 90 second hold to 3 to 10 seconds.  Review of techniques learned in SCS I, II, and III with facilitation will be demonstrated with lab.  New concepts in treatment strategies will be presented to maximize the results with SCS.  Included will be a dural release strategy, myofascial pain strategy, modified neuro-tension strategy, cranial strategy and more.

Prerequisites: SCS I, SCS II & SCS III
20 Contact Hours

Here's what clinicians have to say about SCS IV:

·  "Taking Counterstrain to a new level - following the evolution. The 15 second facilitated results are marvelous." 
     -  Bruce McKnight, P.T., J.S.C.C.

·  "The treatment strategy sections were the most eye-opening techniques I have ever come across in all of my
     courses taken."  -  Betsy Perry, M.P.T.

·  "This course met and went beyond my expectations.  I'd recommend this course to all therapists that went
     through SCS I, II & III."  -  Ann Van Herck, P.T.

·  "Immediately expanded my SCS treatment skills as well as increasing my problem solving ability." 
     -  Rob Rosenberry, P.T., J.S.C.C.