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for the Lymphatic-Venous Systems

SCS for the Lymphatic-Venous Systems


SCS LV explores the newly discovered entity of lymphatic dysfunction. This condition, identified by the presence of lymphatic and venous tenderpoints, is essentially a vasospasm of the large lymphatic/venous vessels of the body. Symptoms include myalgia,tendonitis, bursitis of all kinds, headached, sinusitis and most fluid related conditions such as sinusitis and lymphodema are related to venous & lymphatic dysfunction. Treatment of this type of vascular dysfunction using SCS restores the normal "pump mechanism" of the lymphatic system and dramatically inproves venous drainage in the affected area. Patients typically report instant pain reduction and notice a marked reduction in edema/fluid symptoms.


Prerequisite: SCS l, ll or Fl

20 Contact Hours


Course Outline:

  • Physiological rationale for vascular dysfunction
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic and venous systems
  • Research regarding the contractile properties of Lymphatic System and fascia
  • Clinical signs and symptoms of venous and lymphatic dysfunction
  • SCS techniques to correct venous/lymphatic dysfunction of the trunk, extremities, organs and regional bursae. Over 80 newly developed techniques will be presented