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- for Pelvic Pain

SCS PP - for Pelvic Pain

This course introduces a new concept in the evaluation and treatment of somatic dysfunction.  Strain Counterstrain is a gentle, atraumatic manual medicine procedure that involves indirect positioning of a painful restricted muscle or joint in a skilled way that reduces inappropriate proprioceptor activity thereby arresting pain and aberrant muscle tone to normalize joint range and function.  The therapeutic uses for Strain Counterstrain is broad and ranges from acute injuries to chronic pain patients, osteoporotics, post-operative and OB patients.  It can also be used to reduce secondary tone in the neurologically involved patients.

SCS for hypertonus dysfunction of the pelvic floor focuses on external techniques to release the pelvic floor musculature.  Related lumbar, sacral, coccyx and hip joint dysfunctions are also addressed.  Treatment approaches for pelvic pain, incontinence, dyspareunia, coccygodinia, constipation, levator ani syndrome and other related diagnoses will be presented.

Prerequisite:  None
20 Contact Hours

Course Outline:

  • Understand the neuromuscular basis for SCS
  • Perform SCS treatment techniques for pelvic floor pain dysfunction
  • Use the SCS documentation format
  • Design a home program using the SCS philosophy