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for the Spine

SCS I for the Spine

SCS I focuses on spinal dysfunction. Lecture and extensive lab time are spent on the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, ribs, pelvis and sacrum. Emphasis is placed on developing palpatory and hands-on treatment skills to enhance the students effectiveness with the techniques. Upon completion of the course participants will understand the neuromuscular basis for Strain Counterstrain, know how to perform a full body evaluation and have learned the Strain Counterstrain documentation format. More than 85 techniques are taught throughout the course and each participant receives a syllabus outlining each technique demonstrated.

Prerequisite: None
20 Contact hours

Course Outline:

  • Review of neurophysiology
  • Neurologic basis for somatic dysfunction
  • Rationale for SCS
  • General rules for SCS
  • Cervical evaluation and treatment lab
  • Thoracic and Ribs evaluation and treatment lab
  • Lumbar evaluation and treatment lab
  • Sacrum evaluation and treatment lab
  • Pelvis evaluation and treatment lab
  • Using SCS documentation format
  • Design a home program using SCS philosophy
  • Patient treatment sessions